When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult to know how to handle their financial affairs. GUTTORMSEN & HARTLEY is sensitive to those needs and has been assisting families in Kenosha and Southeastern Wisconsin for decades by providing sound legal and tax advice to Personal Representatives and family members.

The transferring ownership of a decedent’s property is only part of the process known as Probate.  With the death of a family member there are also questions of insurance, payment of bills and taxes.  In the event probate is determined to be necessary, the attorneys at GUTTORMSEN & HARTLEY will work with you to move the probate process through this court supervised procedure as quickly and as effectively as possible.

GUTTORMSEN & HARTLEY will ensue that all of the assets are distributed according to the last wishes of the decedent as expressed in their Last Will and Testament or to the proper heirs according to the state statutes if no will exists.

GUTTORMSEN & HARTLEY is there when you need help.  Attorney Neil F. Guttormsen and Erik H. Guttormsen are available to assist you.

The above is not legal advice. That can only come from a qualified attorney who is familiar with all the facts and circumstances of a particular, specific case and the relevant law. See Terms of Use.