Maximizing your accounts receivable is one of the most important issues facing your business. The ability to maximize businesses collections of bills and outstanding accounts is often the difference between a marginal business and a profitable one. The attorneys at Guttormsen & Hartley can help turn your accounts receivable to accounts received.

Guttormsen & Hartley represent a wide variety of businesses, helping each one to maximize its collection practices. The firm is skilled in handling the most basic issue in creditor/debtor law to the most complex. The firm also has the personnel to appear in court for you, so your business does not have to miss a beat.

Individuals who fall behind on bills or have reasons to dispute charges have the right to representation and they get it with Guttormsen & Hartley, LLP. Each case is reviewed in light of the applicable law and a course of action is laid out to reach resolution. The attorneys of Guttormsen & Hartley are familiar with the specific laws that might apply to your case, such as the Uniform Commercial Code, the Wisconsin Home Improvement Practices and the Residential Construction Right to Cure Act.

It is important to hire a firm that is knowledgeable and experienced and one that will work with you to meet the needs of your business. The law firm of Guttormsen & Hartley is such a firm. Contact Erik Guttormsen or Miles Hartley with your questions and concerns.

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