Covering risks today is difficult, and becomes even more difficult with the existence of unreadable and at times limited insurance policies. In health insurance we see policies issued limiting coverage for pre-existing conditions and for individuals who smoke. Property insurance carriers are removing coverage for mold and other fungus. Guttormsen & Hartley LLP has the skills to decipher these insurance policies and help you obtain the insurance coverage and protection you expected.

Whether it’s a denial of a claim, an issue of premium payment or an issue as to the behavior of the insurance carrier or its agent, Guttormsen & Hartley can assist you. The following list is just a small sample of the insurance issues that Guttormsen & Hartley LLP can help you with:

  • Business Insurance: liability, property, fidelity, E&O, workers’ compensation
  • Personal Insurance: homeowners, automobile
  • Health Insurance: point of purchase, high deductibility, health savings accounts

If you have questions or would like to discussion concerns you have contact Guttormsen & Hartley, LLP.

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