The government wants to take your house. They give you a jurisdictional offer. What do you do? The attorneys at GuttormsenĀ & Hartley, LLP know what to do.

GuttormsenĀ & Hartley can determine if the condemnation proceeding has been properly initiated, help you evaluate the jurisdictional offer, obtain alternative evaluations on the property and much more when faced with government’s taking of your property.

Tom Hartley, a partner in the firm has over 25 years of experience in the area of Condemnation/Eminent Domain. He has represented both condemnation authorities and individual property owners. The condemnation authorities Tom has represented include the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Wisconsin Department of Aviation, We Energies, the City of Racine, the City of Beloit and the City of Glendale. Tom recently served as a member of the committee that rewrote Wisconsin’s Jury Instructions in the field of eminent domain.

Miles Hartley has now join Tom in this practice area. Contact any of these individuals if you have a question or need help.

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